An Adventure at the North Pole

Katie and Emily Rescue Father Christmas and Save the world.

About this book
The girls loved this story with its emphasis on the responsibility of behaving in a trustworthy way when you are “growing up”. The story reads well aloud and there are some lovely moments: the escape from the Dubai Mall on the sleigh, Anouk’s defiance of the wicked Commissar and the girls’ return to Dubai on Christmas Eve to find that they haven’t been missed at all.

Korean missiles were very much “in the air” when the story was being written. There was also great interest in the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first baby. As it turned out, the baby was a little boy– Prince George- but at the time when the story was written, anything was possible.

Sadly, North Korea remains as miserable place now as it was then.

It All Happened
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  • Published: December 2012
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