Girls in Grass Huts

About This Story:

This was a “quickie”, I’m afraid, to meet the deadline for Katie’s birthday and it has little of the flair of some of the other stories. The girls change colour here, too.- the only time I’ve done that.  The story is full of cringe worthy stereotypes and clichés including restless natives and cheeky monkeys. I had been reading a biography of Henry Morton Stanley whose exploration of East Africa and the Congo basin often depended on assistance from Arab slavers operating in the area for the Sultan of Zanzibar – hence the interest in the Arab villains. The story reads fairly well aloud

I used the comic sans font in the original and I have left it here. The daffy illustrations are also left in place.

It All Happened
  • Categories: Romance, Stories for the Girls
  • Published: March 2006
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